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My duty as your Lieutenant Governor is to work to continue to grow personal incomes, and prepare for inevitable future economic disruptions, whether it is from global challenges or the federal government.

We Must Grow Now and In the Future.

It is time to foster the next wave of entrepreneurial successes,
and we do that with smart, limited government.

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What does smart, limited government mean to me?

We must have only the lightest hand possible of government in our day-to-day lives. This ensures that liberty prevails and free markets determine the next opportunity, not government bureaucrats.

We must retain a tax system that is fair, simple, predictable and competitive.

We must not default to raising taxes, keeping government efficient with no wasteful spending.

We must maintain policies that assure we are one of the lowest energy cost states.

We must maintain Idaho’s position as one of the most competitive health care cost states in America.

We must prepare for inevitable slowdowns by having rainy day funds and minimal debt.

We must have a responsive government, both local and state, that moves at the speed of business.

I believe we must feed Idaho’s entrepreneurial spirit, so Idahoans today, tomorrow and 20 years from today will realize the best possible opportunities for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

Duties as your Lt. Governor

As Lieutenant Governor, it is my duty to preside over the Idaho State Senate and serve as Governor when he is outside of the state. I also serve as the Governor's chief appointment officer, vetting candidates for boards, commissions and councils. My most important duty is working on economic development across Idaho.

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