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Workforce Development

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Workforce Development


Not every student wants or needs to go to college. But – every student can benefit from some form of post-secondary education. Lt. Governor Bedke’s goal is to create an atmosphere where every Idaho kid can find an Idaho job. This starts with removing the “one-size-fits-all” approach to post-high school training and investing in individual students’ futures.

Bedke with two men in a machine shop

In the 2022 Special Session, $80 million was allotted for in-demand career training. This allowed for the creation of the Idaho LAUNCH Program, a grant opportunity for Idaho seniors to get up to $8,000 to use towards their choice of post-secondary training or education that leads to an in-demand career. This investment will pay dividends back in every business sector.

Lt. Governor Bedke is an active member of the Workforce Development Council Committee, which assists Idahoans in finding the career path that best suits them while prioritizing the needs of the state’s many industries and businesses.  

Better jobs mean higher incomes and a better quality of life
for our future generations. The 2023 Legislative Session also saw the creation
of the Idaho Career Ready Students Program which will help us continue to meet
our state industry and workforce needs by creating a talented pool of
well-trained, skilled workers. 

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