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Business and Tax Cuts

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Lowering Your Taxes

Idaho continues to top the charts in employment and economic growth.  Lt. Governor Bedke played an active role in achieving Idaho’s historic back-to-back-to-back tax rebates and refunds – $2.7 billion has been given back to the people in just four years.

Since 2019, income tax rates have been lowered by 16 percent. Lt. Governor Bedke advocated for a lower, flat income tax rate (from 6.5 percent to 5.8 percent) during the 2022 Special Session. This is saving Idahoans more than $650 million each year. Payroll taxes for small businesses were also slashed, saving local business owners $264 million. And simple and effective property tax relief was passed in 2023 that gave $177 million back to Idahoans.

Working in tandem with Governor Brad Little and the State Legislature as Speaker of the House, Lt. Governor Bedke balanced Idaho’s budget, which positioned our state to achieve a record budget surplus. Our economy is strong, thanks to our commitment to making smart investments, living within our means, and prudently saving for rainy days.  

No other state in the country has given back more taxpayer money per capita than Idaho.

Lt. Governor Bedke believes lower taxes means small businesses can flourish and all Idahoans can keep more of what they earn to use for what they need.

Least Regulated State
# 50
State in year over year growth
# 50
State for Entrepreneurs
# 50

Reducing Needless Regulations

Idaho has simplified and slashed unnecessary government regulations by 95%, making us the least regulated state in the country. Idaho’s success at cutting red tape is setting the example at the federal level. Lt. Governor Bedke is actively working to remove more unnecessary rules and procedures that do not benefit the state or people of Idaho. Limited government creates a climate where businesses and workers can prosper, families can thrive, and individuals can make responsible decisions for themselves.

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