Idaho Needs Long-Term PLan for Water Management

Wednesday May 1, 2024

BOISE, Idaho – Lt. Governor Scott Bedke will be attending the Ada County Board of Commissioners’ Treasure Valley Water Summit today to discuss the importance of long-term planning for water management in Idaho.

Planning ahead for the Gem State’s water usage is essential due to the state’s unique environmental and demographic challenges. Idaho faces a growing demand for water resources driven by agricultural, industrial, and residential needs. With a significant portion of Idaho’s economy reliant on agriculture, ensuring sustainable water availability is crucial for maintaining productivity and livelihoods. Moreover, as the state’s population continues to grow, particularly in urban centers like Boise and Coeur d’Alene, the pressure on water resources will intensify. Long-term planning allows for the development of strategies that balance these competing demands, ensuring that future generations have access to adequate and clean water supplies.

“Delaying and pushing decisions into the future will inevitably limit our choices. Look no farther than the conditions found Utah, Arizona, and southern Nevada to understand the importance of the need to act now to plan for our water future,” said Lt. Governor Bedke.

Lt. Governor Bedke thanks Ada County Commissioner Tom Dayley for bringing forward this critical issue today at the Treasure Valley Water Summit, and the entire Board of Commissioners for proactively addressing Idaho’s water needs.